Clone your greatest

Our unique approach to data science and technology makes it easy to drive high performance. Map the competency DNA of your highest performing staff and benchmark others to build their capability in the cognitive, behavioral, technical and leadership skills that matter most. Overlay this against data we've collected from thousands of high performers to drive high performance in specific roles.

TABLET program

We're testing our new digital interview guide using tablets, designed to make interviews professional, seamless and focused on high performance competencies. We need corporate test users, who'll receive an new tablet and help us improve our digital solution. Connect with us below to learn more.

Work with us

We seek out the best recruitment and search professionals, executive coaches, trainers and technical mentors. Connect with us below to learn more.


$4,900 per role

  • Unlock the skills the high performers indicate as the most likely to drive performance and assess staff
  • Best in class research
  • Customise high performance model by integrating data from your high performers
  • Benchmark your staff against the high performance framework to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Know what skills and behaviours matter
  • Reallocate training spend to competencies that drive high performance
  • Align staff to strategically important behaviour and skills
  • Access to our easy to use platform that is powered by data science and our market leading expertise
  • Properly measure return on training


$6,300 per role

  • Unlock the high performance model for specific job roles contributed from those that have excelled in the field, assess staff and provide a range of curated development options
  • Everything in Map & Assess
  • Personalised development plan
  • Online development guides
  • Free training developed by experts in each competency
  • 3 sessions with a highly qualified and experienced executive coach matched to your development needs
  • Development reports to track activity and performance
  • Simple and enriching for managers and employees
  • Optional exclusive access to curated masterclass development


Free *

  • *Use our expertise to manage your external recruitment for this role and we'll include our Map, Assess & Develop solution for free and additional value totalling $14,900 for less than the cost of using an external recruitment solution.
  • Everything in Map, Assess & Develop (info)
  • We partner with the best recruitment and search experts and manage the assignment for you
  • Our online probation review solution free (info)
  • Job specific, tailored reference checks
  • Online, tablet or paper based interview guides
  • New hire development plan with 3 executive coaching sessions
  • 12 months access to our easy to use platform containing high quality free online, competency based training covering 800
  • Exclusive access to optional, curated masterclasses
  • Development reports to track activity and performance
1. High performance framework
2. Benchmarking
3. Personalised development plan
4. Online development guides
5. Free expert training
6. 3 executive coaching sessions
7. Development reports
8. Exclusive masterclass development options
Attracting high quality talent is costly, it's crucial you're able to receive invaluable insights that may impede onboarding or performance. Our online probation review solution is included free of charge and is sent to the employee and the manager during their first three months.