The highest quality, most scientific recruitment process, a tailored, individual new hire development plan, virtual classes, three expert executive coaching sessions and access to our platform with over 10,000 online courses. Focused on accellerating new hire success and reducing failure rates. All bundled into a fee that is much less than what your existing recruitment costs.


Free, powerful, fully featured and simple data-science driven Talent Management platform.

The easiest way you can ensure quality new hires

There is a lot of failed opportunity to optimise the typical recruitment process and ensure the best possible outcome, so why does it often feel like many recruitment firms are more interested in collecting fees and less interested in guaranteeing you experience exceptional service and the highest quality new hires?

Delivering on recruitment, onboarding of new hires and managing talent are the top 3 HR activities by revenue and profit growth

BCG, WFPMA Study HR Activities by economic influence

In a Boston Consulting Group and WFPMA study, companies that are "people focused" outperform the market average by 99% in a ten year period. This study focused on 4,000 senior leaders and established that those companies that achieve excellence in recruitment, onboarding and managing talent have substantially higher revenue growth and profit margins.

This study highlights the significant return on investment that a focus in these areas will have and validates the direct influence HR has on financial performance.

We assist to improve the quality and success of new hires, whether it be through the recruitment and interview process, reducing retention or reducing a new hires time to competence.