We build individual development plans from over 15,000 online courses, virtual classes and individual coaching plans that are curated by experts to ensure the highest quality

Personalised Learning

Why treat employees like a heard of sheep when they can be treated like prized individuals? Provide a tailored approach to learning with robust insights into what drives high performance in a specific current or career path role, awareness of gaps in critical skills and curated high quality learning options.

Out of hundreds of competencies which are those that are most likely to drive high performance?

We collect data from hundreds of individuals in the same role and use our complex algorithms to determine what competencies are most important to perfect in a specific role.


Where do you have a proficiency gap?

We make it easy to identify out of those competencies that are most critical in your role, where should you should focus your development.


With so many online, classroom, virtual, coaching, workshop and published training options, which will meet my needs?

We extensively curate the highest quality training options and provide the best, chosen by experts and reviewed by our community, all captured in a personalised development plan.


Typical corporate training (online, classroom, individually coached) is not generating satisfactory returns and is often not considered good value. The return on investment of training is not measured and organisations find it difficult to understand if and when a training intervention is successful or ineffective.

We've transformed the traditional competency model into a simple to use solution that uses experts in individual fields to identify the most critical elements that ensure high performance in a specific role. We'll identify what to assess to attract the highest quality new hires and where individual employees need to focus their professional development to accelerate their performance. To boost learning and performance we provide access to the highest quality and most cost effective training, coaching and development options that have been extensively curated to drive growth.

Training options whether they be online, facilitator lead, books or coaching offer a volume, variety and variance in quality that is confusing, difficult to navigate and impossible to compare. Suppliers are highly fragmented and there is no one source of truth or comparison to guide selection.

We search for and curate the highest quality training options that we measure against learning outcomes. We increase the visibility of lower cost, more effective, high-quality development options within a platform that is a pleasure to use.

This leads to:

1. increased activity of relevant career development per employee
2. lower overall total cost of training per headcount
3. improved access and visibility to a range of development options within the 70, 20, 10 model
4. visibility of the ROI of internal and external training through the collection and reporting of related performance data

YGW platform