Whether it's the right skills to assess for recruitment or improving performance, performing at the highest level requires a focus on skills that matter most within a role.

We've transformed the traditional competency model into a simple to use solution that uses experts in individual fields to identify the most critical elements that ensure high performance in a specific role. We'll identify what to assess to attract the highest quality new hires and where individual employees need to focus their professional development to accelerate their performance. To boost learning and performance we provide access to the highest quality and most cost effective training, coaching and development options that have been extensively curated to drive growth.

Focusing employees on where they have a knowledge gap against skills that matter most to performance.


We collect data from 1,000s of sources to identify the competencies most likely to drive high performance in a specific role. We then tailor this to your unique operating environment.


We use data science and technology to identify individual strengths and weaknesses against competencies that are most likely to drive high performance in a current or a career path role.


We draw upon a high quality, curated library of 10,000s of online courses, expert executive coaches and a range of other development options to build a tailored development plan providing laser focus to immediately improve capability.


We'll not only manage your recruitment or search assignment you'll receive $14,900 of value for free. Our unbeatable online talent management solution radically improves quality of hire, reduces new hire failure, accelerates performance and saves you thousands on recruitment fees.


We make it easy to achieve high performance

Clone your greatest

We map data from 1000s of high performers in almost every role to provide a clarity over what drives high performance at the role level for use in development planning, recruitment, onboarding, succession and career planning.

88% of managers agree employee development is critical to performance


Only 44% believe their organisations excel at this


78% of employees cite lack of development as a key driver of employee turnover


Organisations see an 8% uplift in performance when taking a focused approach to employee development


82% of organisations believe traditional approaches to development won't drive performance


Source - YGW survey 2017

Focus on performance needs, not outdated competency models.

Every job role and every employee is different, yet all too often they're treated the same. Our unique approach to machine learning and predictive analytics builds you the most accurate, easy to understand and relevant foundation for talent management. This provides a framework of success of every role that is tailored to your organisation's unique internal and external influences. Your employees understand what competencies drive high performance for their specific role, where they have a development gap and how to easily and quickly access development options.

The Business case

This is why you've found us

Improve hiring

Isolate the competencies that matter most in a role and focus on assessing these during recruitment using our interview guides to ensure new hire success.

Decrease cost and waste

We're constantly on the look out for the best training and development options that are cost effective and aligned to competencies that matter to performance in specific roles.

Improve employee performance

Dramatically improve employee performance by identifying competency frameworks that drive excellence. Bridge gaps using data proven employee development options

Reduce new hire and transition failure

Reduce the time to competence for new or recently transitioned hires. Identify and optimise the factors that reduce failure.

Align employees

Align employees to strategic, cultural and behavioral corrections.

Analyse training ROI

Identify where training actually has an impact on skills and where it doesn't using actual results, not useless training evaluations.

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YGW platform


Radically improve your hiring process, reduce failure rates, improve early performance

What makes one person succeed, whilst another fails?

How are the competencies selected that you assess during the recruitment process?

We seek out experts in every field to identify what skills matter most to high performance within a specific role and work with you to tailor this to the unique needs of your organisation.

Do your recruiters follow best practice?

We make it easy for internal and external recruitment teams to focus on the skills that matter and assess capability against high performance benchmarks with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

Does your new hire need to sink or swim?

Nobody's perfect, so having an experienced coach that knows where a new hire needs development during their first 90 days will accelerate their time to competence, reduce new hire failure rates and achieve high performance.


The easiest way to ACCELLERATE high performance

How do you know what really drives high performance?

We collect data from 1,000s of sources to identify out of 100s of competencies, which are most likely to drive high performance in your specific role allowing for unique needs of your organisation.

Do you know if your training delivers an ROI?

We use data science and technology to identify strengths and weaknesses, focusing development on skills that matter most, impact high performance and actually need improvement. We then measure learning outcomes, both immediately and months after any training to determine retention.

How do you develop staff quickly and cheaply?

We collect data to identify the most effective development options. Self directed learners focus on skills that need improvement that drive high performance. High quality online training, resources and coaching ensures laser focus to immediately improve their capability and performance.