Every individual needs to take a different path, so why do competency frameworks seek to treat every job and everyone the same. We use business psychology, data science and machine learning to truely understand what drives high performance in a specific role, how an organization's internal influence would effect the skills needed and where potential or existing employees have proficiency gaps.

Whether you need to plot a career path, a path to high-performance or a path to recruit and accelerate the transistion of a new hire, we use an evidence-based approach that identifies the skills that are most likely to drive high performance, where there are gaps in proficiency and provide access to high quality, curated development activity that improves new hire success, reduces time to competence, increases performance of existing staff and significantly improves the most significant drivers of engagement and retention.

Our evolution of competency frameworks

Academic research has confirmed that if you identify at a job level what skills matter most and dynamically offer assessment technology to identify strengths and weaknesses you can have a significant positive impact across the talent management lifecycle.

We focus on specific roles and don't treat all employees the same. Expensive, traditional organisational psychology consulting approaches focus on outdated competency frameworks and job families, trying to be all things to all people, but end up irrelevant.

We aggressively collect the largest and most accurate view of what drives high performance within a specific job, through a patented process utilising business psychology and data science built into an engaging online platform.

We use this foundation to build highly accurate job-specific assessments for new and existing employees and provide online training, coaching and development to improve capability gaps.

Static vs Dynamic competency frameworks

Traditionally developed competency frameworks are static, costly to build and have a short shelf life, quickly becoming redundant and bottom-drawed as they remain the same until they are reviewed several years later. Impacting the efficacy of development plans, performance, recruitment, and succession management.

Our job specific, dynamic competency framework focuses on individual roles and uses machine learning to become more accurate over time as the data input volume scales. They adapt to internal and external influences, changes to strategy, structure and operating models and prompt leaders to consider cultural and behavioural corrections. They add value to important decisions by providing data and become an intrinsic foundation to how you assess, lead, improve and align employees.



Laser focus

We decode what unique competencies drive high performance at the individual job role level and show people where they have a gap in proficiency. Providing certainty that when you invest time to improve a specific skill it will have a significant positive impact on performance.

Out of hundreds of competencies which are those that are most likely to drive high performance?

We collect data from hundreds of individuals in the same role and use our complex algorithms to determine what competencies are most important to perfect in a specific role.


Where do you have a proficiency gap?

We make it easy to identify out of those competencies that are most critical in your role, where should you should focus your development.


With so many online, classroom, virtual, coaching, workshop and published training options, which will meet my needs?

We extensively curate the highest quality training options and provide the best, chosen by experts and reviewed by our community, all captured in a personalised development plan.