Map high performance competencies

Map high performance

how do you identify what drives high performance?

We focus on the specific role, not irrelevant job families

The evolution of the competency framework

Ask 100s of high performers what unique competencies are important in a specific role and you're able to help others with a road-map to achieve their own greatest work.

At the core of our solution is a unique approach to the identification, validation and integration of competencies. Competency frameworks provide the foundation for how we recruit, develop, align, promote, review and reward employees.

Traditionally developed competency frameworks are static, costly to build and have a short shelf life, quickly becoming redundant and mothballed as they remain the same until they are reviewed several years later. Impacting the efficacy of development plans, performance, recruitment, and succession management.

Our dynamic competency framework focuses on individual roles and uses machine learning to become more accurate over time as the data input volume scales. They adapt to internal and external influences, changes to strategy, structure and operating models and prompt leaders to consider cultural and behavioural corrections. They add value to important decisions by providing data and become an intrinsic foundation to how you assess, lead, improve and align employees.

We map high-performance data from 1000s of individuals who work in similar roles and industries to build job specific, high-performance competency frameworks. Mapping the DNA of high performance at an individual job role level has been a desire of Human Resources professionals for many years, however it's been challenging to execute resulting in old level-based competency models being the only viable alternative.

We use business psychology, data science and technology to prioritise from 100s of potential competencies those leadership, cognitive, behavioural and technical competencies that drive high performance at the individual job role level. Virtually mapping the DNA of high performance at an individual job role level.

Identifying high-performance competencies dramatically improves the efficacy across the Talent Management lifecycle, from Recruitment, On-Boarding, Development, Performance Management and Succession Planning.